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Choose a plan that fits your needs

Refund of up to 25% if application volume not met

  • Starter

    Every week
    +$25 Setup fee (Refunded on cancel <5 days)
    Basic job application package
    • Initial consultation
    • Up to 50 applications / week
    • Custom Application Tracker
    • Analyst support
    • Job targeting complexity - Low (1-3 job titles)
  • Best Value


    Every week
    Everything in Starter + More Applications
    • Everything in Starter
    • Up to 75 Job Applications / week
    • Job targeting complexity - Medium (3-6 job titles)
    • Analyst support (8 hour turnaround)
    • Interview monitoring & alerts
  • Advanced

    Every week
    Customized resumes for every application
    • Customized resumes (ATS optimized, Custom resume summary)
    • Up to 25 job applications / week
    • Dedicated analyst
  • One Time - Applications Add On (50)

    50 additional applications in a one week period
    Valid for one week
    • Add more application volume to your plan
  • Coaching sessions

    45 minute coaching sessions on application strategy, interview prep, offer negotiations or resume
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • With our Founder and CEO
    • Resume positioning - how to best amplify for your strengths
    • Offer negotiation -avg. salary data and negotiation strategy
    • Interview prep - targeted prep for interview success
  • Hiring Manager Connect Database

    Database of hiring manager & recruiter contacts
    • Custom targeting criteria (job title, industry, location etc
    • 500+ emails & linkedin URL's
    • Live analyst support
    • 30+ attributes in contact database
  • Resume rebuild & repositioning

    We literally reconstruct your resume to position you in the strongest way to your target job
    • 2 half hour coaching sessions with our founder - Ex-Google
    • Deep consultation on positioning to stand out
    • Your resume builder is our founder - Ex-Google, Ex-JPMorgan
    • Customization of resume to a particular industry or job
  • Mock interview / Interview prep

    Prep for Marketing, Product, Sales and VP/Director role interviews
    • Mock interview - At Google, I interviewed and hired 100's
    • Two 45 minute sessions with Ashwin for targeted sessions
    • Real time feedback
    • Framing, confidence, empathy, value communication

Frequently Asked

  • Q: What is Mobius Services?
    A: Mobius Services is a comprehensive career advancement service offering a range of support to job seekers. Our services include job application assistance, resume reconstruction, hiring manager connect, and strategic career advice, all designed to increase your chances of landing an interview and securing your next job.
  • Q: How long has Mobius Services been around?
    A: We've been supporting job seekers for over a year, helping over a thousand clients with their career transitions by applying to over a million jobs on their behalf.
  • Q: What makes Mobius Services unique?
    A: Unlike traditional recruiting agencies that represent employers, Mobius Services exclusively represents job seekers, focusing on amplifying your strengths, refining your application strategy, and maximizing your exposure to potential employers.
  • Do you have a free trial?
    Unfortunately we no longer offer a free trial. However, we will happily refund your first week's subscription if for any reason you would like to cancel.
  • Q: Can Mobius Services help me if I'm seeking a very senior role?
    A: Yes, we specialize in tailoring our approach to fit the needs of job seekers at all levels, including those seeking senior roles such as Chief Product Officer or Senior VP of Product.
  • Q: I have a diverse background. How can Mobius Services help me focus my resume?
    A: We recommend creating multiple versions of your resume, each emphasizing a particular set of skills or experiences relevant to the roles you're targeting. This approach allows you to present yourself as a specialist in each application, which is particularly effective in competitive job markets.
  • Q: Does Mobius Services help with ATS optimization?
    A: While we ensure your resume is clear and accessible to ATS systems, our focus is on substantive improvements that genuinely reflect your skills and achievements. Our approach is to enhance the narrative and content of your resume to make a compelling case for your candidacy, beyond just optimizing for ATS.
  • Q: What is the job application service, and how does it work?
    A: Our job application service involves applying to jobs on your behalf. This includes identifying opportunities that match your skills and preferences and submitting applications to increase your chances of securing interviews. The service is designed to save you time and increase your application volume efficiently.
  • Q: Can Mobius Services assist me with networking and reaching out to hiring managers?
    A: Yes, our hiring manager connect service can provide you with a curated list of contacts, including C-level executives, executive recruiters, and hiring managers, relevant to your job search. We can also assist with outreach efforts, helping you make valuable connections in your industry.
  • Q: How are Mobius Services priced?
    A: Our services are priced based on the volume and complexity of the support you require. For example, our job application service is priced to reflect the number of applications submitted on your behalf, with plans starting at approximately $1 per application.
  • Q: What if I need to pause or adjust my service plan?
    A: We offer flexible service plans that can be adjusted based on your needs. If you're engaging in a resume rebuild or wish to focus on networking, we can pause application services and resume them at a later time.
  • Q: Is there any advice for someone considering a career transition during a down market?
    A: Focus on roles and industries where your skills are most in demand, and consider roles that are adjacent to your primary area of expertise. Tailor your application materials to each position, and leverage networking to uncover opportunities. Remember, persistence and a strategic approach are key during challenging job markets.
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