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About Our Founders

I’m Ashwin.

Ashwin is an accomplished senior executive with over 20 years of experience in cloud infrastructure and financial services. With over 2 decades of experience at Google and JP Morgan, Ashwin held various sales and marketing roles. Ashwin is an MBA holder from Yale University. 

While going through his job search journey and helping others do the same, he productized the approach. This was the beginning of Mobius. Ashwin is passionate about benefiting others from his experiences and adding value to their job search journey.

Ashwin's vision with Mobius is to give job seekers a significant advantage in securing the roles of their dreams.

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Our Board of Advisors

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Alex Langowski is a distinguished data science and AI professional with extensive experience enhancing business operations through data-driven strategies. His tenure as Chief Data Officer at Datasential Inc. and VP of Data Science at Thimble and Slice in New York showcases his expertise in optimizing data efficiency and implementing advanced analytics platforms. Alex's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and continued education in data science. His proficiency in multiple languages and advanced technical skills make him an invaluable advisor in the tech startup space, especially for initiatives involving generative AI and machine learning.

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John Ayub is a distinguished product marketing leader with a rich history at globally recognized brands such as Google Cloud and VMware. During his tenure at Google, he led competitive marketing initiatives for key services in application modernization, database modernization, and infrastructure modernization. A Yale School of Management alumnus, Hiwad has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive impactful results and maintain high customer satisfaction, underpinned by his experience at these leading technology companies.

Our Approach


At Mobius Services, we help job seekers grow their careers with a simple three-step plan: Application Strategy, Positioning Strategy, and Execution Strategy. This approach is about making your job hunt and career path clearer and more effective.

1. Application Strategy

First, we figure out the best job market strategy for you. This means understanding jobs, knowing what you're good at, and finding where those two things meet. We help you focus on the jobs and fields where your skills and career goals line up well, increasing your chances of finding the right job.

2. Positioning Strategy

Next, we help you look your best on paper and online. This involves ensuring your resume, LinkedIn, and other profiles tell a strong, clear story about your career and why you're a great fit for the jobs you want. We work with you to make a narrative that catches the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

3. Execution Strategy

Lastly, we take action. We apply for many jobs for you, using our technology to find a good fit. We also help you network by connecting you with hiring managers and leaders in your field. Our goal is to make things easier for you so you can focus on getting ready for interviews and boosting your skills, while we handle the grunt work of the job search.

Our Mission

Mobius Services LLC - Our mission is to remove the angst from the job search process and to help all job seekers to have a successful outcome. Whether you are searching for a new role or simply exploring your options, our trained recruiting team, AI-assisted methodologies, and application approach maximize your chances of success. We allow job seekers to focus on networking, upskilling, and ultimately helping them land a job in record time.

Our Vision

Finding a new job should not be so difficult, and every individual should be able to maximize their value from new employment. Our vision is to make the job search a one-click, fully managed process for job seekers. We aim to provide a seamless and efficient experience for individuals seeking their next career opportunity. 

Our Values


We value innovation as a means of continuously improving our services.


We value efficiency as a way of respecting our clients' time and effort. 

Shared Success

We value shared success as a key measure of our own success. 

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